Bringing the Art of Couture to the World of Lingerie

When designer Nichole de Carle left the world famous Contour Fashion design course at De Montfort University with a First Class Honors degree, there was only one place she wanted to make her workplace home – the magical design house of Alexander McQueen. As a pioneer within the rigid confines of traditional Haute Couture, McQueen wrote his own rules and took on the fashion world with obsessive passion and a theatrical vision never seen before or since. Reverence for the craft he learnt as a tailor’s apprentice on Saville Row, collided with the irreverence he had for the establishment and its boundaries. Inspiration was taken from many sources; British aristocratic history, his life in London and the dark beauty he saw in nature.

Bring the art of couture to the world of lingerie

McQueen’s influence on Nichole and the time she spent working on swimwear, bodices and corseted catwalk pieces under his tutelage, inspired her to take on the lingerie world with her own unique spirit, combining her passion for couture, lingerie and body contouring fashion. After travelling and working her way around the globe, she settled in London to establish her eponymous lingerie brand, holding McQueen’s values and spirit close.

“His work and approach to design was recreated in my own business …” says Nichole. “… I chose to marry the concept of Couture and Lingerie. Like Alexander, I created a team to drive the business, who I was equally as passionate about and who shared my vision.”

Nichole reveals her greatest lesson from McQueen, “that you should always follow your gut, rather than get too distracted, by others who may steer you off track. Fashion is driven by unique handwriting. You have to have a strong personality to settle at McQueen.”

Black Label Onyx collection designed by the fashion stylist Nichole de Carle


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