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Made In London

Made in London

Nichole is inspired by the world around her, experiencing it through travel, art and personal styling. Most of all she is inspired by the women she meets; their personal stories, aspirations and desires. She learns from them as they purposefully create the life they desire.

This drives Nichole to craft innovative lingerie and bodywear, bringing playfulness into your life, wherever your adventures take you. As a creative, Nichole has her own unique view of the world, connecting to other women through the craft of lingerie design.

Each piece is designed and developed is London with a highly experienced team of technical specialists, to bring perfection to every design. The whole process is managed in-house for luxurious quality and attention to detail. We believe in lingerie as a unique tool to explore your own personality.

For self enhancement. For self-expression. For self-indulgence.

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