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Bra Fitting Guide

Bra fitting guide step 1

Step 1. Measure Bust

Take your underbust and overbust measurements, to locate your size on our International Sizing Chart. This is a guide that will vary according to bra style, materials and other brands. When trying on your bra consider the following to find the best fit for you.

Bra fitting guide step 2

Step 2. Central Point

The central point of the bra should sit directly against the skin without digging in or pulling away from your body.

Bra fitting guide step 3

Step 3. Underwire

The underwire should follow underneath the breast tissue. If the wire is too loose, go down a cup size. If the wire is too tight or sitting on the tissue, go up a cup size.

Bra fitting guide step 4

Step 4. Cups

Your bust should sit comfortably inside the cups creating a smooth outline. If tissue is spilling out of the top, try going up a cup size. If there is gaping, try going down a cup size.

Bra fitting guide step 5

Step 5. Underband

Most support in a bra comes from the underband. Fasten the hook on the last setting when fitting a new bra, as elastic will loosen over time, giving you room to tighten the back.

If the band rides up at the back, it is loose so go down a band size. When going down a band size, go up a cup size to compensate. Example 34B becomes 32C.

You should be able to fit two fingers underneath the band for a comfortable fit.

Bra fitting guide step 6

Step 6. Straps

Straps should sit firmly on the shoulders without leaving marks or digging into the skin. Adjust using the sliders.

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